Apk 城堡爭霸 – 萌寵紀元

free download 城堡爭霸 - 萌寵紀元 file
free download 城堡爭霸 – 萌寵紀元 file
The best strategy game, leading the hero to defend your castle.. 城堡爭霸 – 萌寵紀元 is a free Strategy game with more than 5,000,000 download times. This game is offered by IGG.COM. You can download 城堡爭霸 – 萌寵紀元 apk file to your sd card, then browse and install it later. Last updated: December 1, 2016. Current version: 1.3.99.

●●● 2016 Castle hegemony strong upgrade to open Meng Chong era! ●●●

Magnificent epic masterpiece, full of strategy and fun online strategy game! The fast-paced castle hegemony war demonstrated most vividly, fully reproduce the two armies fighting magnificent scene. You will play a lord, under the command of heroes and led the soldiers to conquer other lords to grow their own strength, under the legendary hero led you use powerful magic to conquer enemy towns. Established his own magnificent empire, the ultimate success immortal Albert, write your gorgeous chapter!

Game Features:
        ✔ diverse urban planning upgrade path, you will not break the fortress town playing!
        ✔ minimalist operation, brilliant and powerful magic in your fingertips cohesion, you destroy all obstacles.
        ✔ recruit heroes, each with extraordinary ability, honed through fighting, they will give you establish immortal feats.
        ✔ wars come and go, soldiers forever, fighting not honor fallen soldiers will return to the territory.
        ✔ with other players in the arena of heroes for a showdown, the title of the strongest competition for supremacy.
        ★ contention torch, seize positions, Alliance hegemony only to obtain supreme honor.
        ★ friends pulling groups and team unity and cooperation common challenges more than a copy.
        ★ hero expedition in a showdown with strong opponents, testing heroic combat capability.
        ★ united in the fight against annihilation full-service cooperation with general strikes.
        ★ Open Meng Chong era. Under the careful cultivation, they will show their presence on the battlefield.
        note! This game requires internet connection.

Official Facebook: http: //facebook.com/CastleClashTw

Latest updates

版本:Version 1.3.99




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城堡爭霸 – 萌寵紀元 screenshot

城堡爭霸 - 萌寵紀元 screenshot 00城堡爭霸 - 萌寵紀元 screenshot 01城堡爭霸 - 萌寵紀元 screenshot 02城堡爭霸 - 萌寵紀元 screenshot 03城堡爭霸 - 萌寵紀元 screenshot 04城堡爭霸 - 萌寵紀元 screenshot 05城堡爭霸 - 萌寵紀元 screenshot 06城堡爭霸 - 萌寵紀元 screenshot 07城堡爭霸 - 萌寵紀元 screenshot 08城堡爭霸 - 萌寵紀元 screenshot 09城堡爭霸 - 萌寵紀元 screenshot 10城堡爭霸 - 萌寵紀元 screenshot 11城堡爭霸 - 萌寵紀元 screenshot 12城堡爭霸 - 萌寵紀元 screenshot 13城堡爭霸 - 萌寵紀元 screenshot 14

城堡爭霸 – 萌寵紀元 apk video


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