Best English Tenses for android

new version English Tenses

new version English Tenses

Study English Tenses and Practice, Complete Course. You Will Love it !!!. English Tenses is a free Education app with more than 5,000,000 download times. This app is offered by Coderz. You can download English Tenses apk file to your sd card, then browse and install it later. Last updated: December 1, 2016. Current version: 114.

All you need to know about English Tenses is here.

The simplest presentation of English Tenses, learn it once and remember it for life time.
Tenses in any language are the basic and one of the most important topics in both writing and communication of that language.

This app helps you to learn the Tenses of English languages in a very easy and effective way. All the topics in this app are covered in depth and in a most simple way.

A better user interface with different sections for Practice and Study.

If you want to practice grammar check out our app

And for a complete grammar reference check out this one

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Recent changes

Added 20 more questions in ‘Tenses Practice 19’

Bug fix for certain Android Devices.

Now You can see you last score in the Practice Section

Practice Review added for Fill-Up Practice Section

New UI Design

A New Section added for Tenses Practice Fill-Up Questions.

Added More than 100 Tenses Practice Fill-Up Questions.

Added 50 moreChoice practice questions.

Added a New Tab to Study Tenses in Tables easily.


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English Tenses screenshot

English Tenses screenshot 00English Tenses screenshot 01English Tenses screenshot 02English Tenses screenshot 03English Tenses screenshot 04English Tenses screenshot 05English Tenses screenshot 06English Tenses screenshot 07English Tenses screenshot 08English Tenses screenshot 09English Tenses screenshot 10English Tenses screenshot 11English Tenses screenshot 12English Tenses screenshot 13English Tenses screenshot 14English Tenses screenshot 15English Tenses screenshot 16English Tenses screenshot 17English Tenses screenshot 18English Tenses screenshot 19English Tenses screenshot 20English Tenses screenshot 21English Tenses screenshot 22English Tenses screenshot 23

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