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Concerned about the weather, more concerned about you.. 墨迹天气 is offered by 墨迹风云(北京)软件科技发展有限公司, and is listed in Weather category. You can download 墨迹天气 apk file to your sd card, then browse and install it later. Last updated: December 1, 2016. Current version: 6.0106.02.

About 500 million people worldwide use weather APP, supported by 196 countries, more than 700,000 cities and regions weather query, precise positioning timely push-minute class, grade kilometer weather forecasts, real-time monitoring Teenage rain and snow. Offers 15 day weather forecast 5 days air quality forecasting, real-time air quality forecasts and air quality levels. Special weather warning information sent in advance to help users make better life decisions, calmly deal with all kinds of weather conditions.
[Function] weather
* Short term forecast: accurate, timely forecasts weather for your current location, pay attention to your head every cloud changes.
* Hourly forecast: Easy Check the weather changes within 24 hours of early prevention and evening temperature is too large.
* 15 days weather forecast: Weather conditions had known, predictable secret travel without fear.
* Air quality: human map rendering mode, the next five days of air quality at any time. Precision Stations in the “fortune” grip.
* Weather disaster warning: abnormal weather timely reminder, to provide guidelines to help protect you from defense meteorological disasters.

Latest updates


– 全新个性助手优化升级,明星语音形象专属于你

– 墨迹资讯详情页底新增关联阅读,智能推荐想你所想

– 墨迹专题增加分享功能,愉快阅读你我共享

– 短时预报上线降雪播报,精准预报守护温暖


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