Like a Fashionista Updating…

Like a Fashionista latest updateLike a Fashionista latest update

Become the Fashion and Decorating queen on Like a Fashionista!. Like a Fashionista is a Simulation game developed by Beemoov Games. The latest version of Like a Fashionista is Updating…. It was released on December 1, 2016. Overall rating of Like a Fashionista is 4.0.

Like a Fashionista, the fashion and decorating game is available for your mobile devices!
Create your own style, decorate your home, find a boyfriend and get your dream job to become the most popular Fashionista!

[Where to find us]
Visit our Facebook page:
You can also find us on our website:

[How to contact us]
If you encounter a problem, please contact the support team using the following email address:
You can also contact us through the game’s website:

Latest updates

Version 2.0.8:

– Added notifications on the homepage to alert when there are pending challenges or messages

– A modification on the default quality (performance)

– Added buttons to the homepage to be able to access players’ profiles directly

– Various corrections

Version 2.0.7:

– the decorating contest and decorating podium are now available directly by clicking on the Fashion show

– Each module has new features that are available in the top left menu


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Like a Fashionista screenshot

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