New Purify -Improve Battery Memory download

Purify -Improve Battery Memory free full version
Purify -Improve Battery Memory free full version
Purify improves your devices’ battery performance & optimize system’s memory.. Purify -Improve Battery Memory is a free Tools app with more than 10,000,000 download times. This app is offered by General Smart Development Limited. You can download Purify -Improve Battery Memory apk file to your sd card, then browse and install it later. Last updated: December 1, 2016. Current version:

Purify improves your devices’ battery performance and protect them from memory leaking.

That’s Purify, a tiny and beautiful tool that can truly optimize your devices’ battery performance. It can detect which apps are idle but keep trying to auto start in the background. These apps are the black sheep which slow down your devices’ running speed and the cause of memory leaking. Once perceptions of that, Purify can block them automatically, which contributes to the improvement of your device battery life and boost the running speed.

Apart from the above, Purify also includes the following features.

Purify Notification

Purify can effectively manage all notifications and offers you a clean and clear notification bar. You can wipe out notifications in bulk and manage their privileges of displaying as normal. Without unwanted notification disturbing you, your phone’s drop-down menu performance is fully utilized.

Purify Apps Whitelist

There’re certain types of apps that you may willing to keep running regardless of battery consumption. In that case, you can add those apps into Purify Apps Whitelist. For those white listed apps, Purify will never interpose their running performance in respect of your choices.

Purify Logs

As you may wonder, does Purify truly optimize my phones? We offer you a Purify log for review. In the logs, you can see how many apps were purified, how much ram is saved as well as how many notifications are archived. Data speak louder than words!

Powerful Recharge Screen Locker

By enabling recharge screen locker in the settings, you can enjoy the benefits of real weather status, recently used apps and web search. In addition, you can set a timer to automatically clean the junks in your phones, sparing more space for you.

Last but not least, we’re recruiting VIP members of Purify, who help to test early betas and vote for future functions. Sincerely welcome you to join our community:

If you would like to know more about Purify, please visit our official website

What’s new

Fixed update error 103


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Purify -Improve Battery Memory screenshot

Purify -Improve Battery Memory screenshot 00Purify -Improve Battery Memory screenshot 01Purify -Improve Battery Memory screenshot 02

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