Official [공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1)

[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) 2.5

[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) 2.5

Season 3 has been newly added. All the latest new video Hello Cabot, please visit the official app.. [공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) is a Education app developed by BLUEPIN. The latest version of [공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) is 2.5. It was released on December 1, 2016. Overall rating of [공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) is 4.0.

◆ Hello Cabot season 2 is up to 65% off or more events in progress. Please hurry ~ ^^
◆ The whole family can see animated family together!
◆ release commemorative event: Episode 1 will be the piece and the opening video, camera and Cabot fun card games, play coloring for free.
◆ special and exciting story unfolds turn the cube!
Ordinary first grader and a naughty boy Chatan.
One day, my grandfather sent the parcel to that one who is in the Antarctic Chatan.
But what parcels from toy cubes common heunhadi.
Disappointed this moment Chatan turning the cube involuntarily, out of nowhere with that character [HELLO CARBOT]
Transform robot car appears ‘Cabot’.
If the ‘Cabot’ need help to Chatan to call him at any time by turning the cube …
The personality out of “Cabot” to help Chatan appears whenever you rotate the cube!
Discover the unique and exciting story of Chatan cheerful boy and his secret friend, robot car ‘Cabot’.
◆ Hello Cabot character introduction
Chatan-full justice naughty boy
Ace Cabot – Cabot man of justice
Hawk Cabot – Cabot stone Swift
Saffron Cabot – Cabot to fix anything
Dandy Cabot – Cabot distributing energy
◆ Universal app: once the app is universal app that will work on both phones and pads to buy.
◆ App inquiries: Payment errors and problems occur related to the app (

◆◆ ◆◆ Notice bluefin
Good morning. Blue pin manager. Always Thank you for your interest in our application.
Upload your inquiries relating to the application using the App Store review system is difficult to point the response.
In order to handle your inquiry as quickly as possible of the bluefin has opened customer service center.
Contact App For questions or complaints ( if you would confirm as soon as possible
I will be happy to answer.
When contact us, please call the following method can be faster response.

(1) Phone, contact us at Tab
 – Send your contact details in the terminal you are using when you select the info ( in the application
Since the basic information is automatically entered, please send inquiries only.

(2) Customer Contact Center on your PC
– A terminal / operating system version you name applications / uses your store purchase / purchase Send your contact details to the PC
As you can send us a quick check.

Latest updates

시즌 3 영상 10편추가 업데이트

Part 4 16~20화

Part 5 21~26화


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[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot

[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 00[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 01[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 02[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 03[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 04[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 05[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 06[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 07[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 08[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 09[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 10[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 11[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 12[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 13[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 14[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 15[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 16[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 17[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 18[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 19[공식]헬로카봇(시즌3,2,1) screenshot 20

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