vibbo for google play

web vibbo

web vibbo

Vibbo is the App to buy and sell second-hand goods. vibbo is a Shopping app developed by Schibsted Classified Media Spain, S.L.. The latest version of vibbo is . It was released on December 1, 2016. Overall rating of vibbo is 4.2.

What is the app Vibbo? It is a free app ads where you can buy and sell second-hand goods easily, quickly and, above all, safe.
What interesting things can you do if you download this app?
– Sell: Publishes Free Ads anywhere and whenever you want.
– Buy: you never know when the great opportunities appear! With this app you can buy what interests you about where you are because we use geolocation.
– Manage and edit your ads whenever you think necessary.
– Follow your favorite sellers and buyers.
– Report those ads that you think are incorrect. And in Vibbo we ensure the quality of content posted.

In Vibbo you have more than 2 million products for sale related to home, leisure and sports, electronics, fashion and beauty, children and babies etc … as well as other classified second-hand flats or used car ads. In Vibbo you’ll find everything you want related to the purchase and sale of second-hand.
Ah! In Vibbo us too much care about your opinion and what you think of us. We work every day to improve and offer good service, so if you have any suggestions (or doubt), please send it to! Thank you!

What’s new

En esta version y haciendo caso a las nuevas guías de estilo de google…

¡Hemos cambiado la navegación! Ahora tenéis todo más a mano en las “bottom bar”.

Esperamos que os guste 🙂

Por otro lado, ya no deberíais tener problemas con la ubicación al publicar anuncios!! GRACIAS a los que nos fuisteis avisando por google play 🙂

También corregimos otros pequeños errores.


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vibbo screenshot

vibbo screenshot 00vibbo screenshot 01vibbo screenshot 02vibbo screenshot 03vibbo screenshot 04vibbo screenshot 05vibbo screenshot 06vibbo screenshot 07vibbo screenshot 08vibbo screenshot 09vibbo screenshot 10vibbo screenshot 11vibbo screenshot 12vibbo screenshot 13vibbo screenshot 14vibbo screenshot 15vibbo screenshot 16vibbo screenshot 17vibbo screenshot 18

vibbo apk video


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