Astrowings Blitz 2017 download

download Astrowings Blitz android
download Astrowings Blitz android
Enjoy dynamic Aircraft Racing & Shooting!. Astrowings Blitz is a free Action game with more than 5,000,000 download times. This game is offered by Livezen Corp.. You can download Astrowings Blitz apk file to your sd card, then browse and install it later. Last updated: December 2, 2016. Current version: 2.0.9.

Mind-blowing mobile 3D aircraft shooter, Astrowings Blitz!
Join this thrilling air combat right now!
Super fast faced gameplay will bring a lot of fun to shoot’em up mania and blow off your steam.

Intuitive user interface and control.
Launch your spaceship right after finishing the tutorial in 30 seconds,
So many options to choose, multiple combination hook ups, leads to addictive gameplay!

Casual gamers as well as addicts will love this shooter.
3D horizontal scroll shooter with racing mode stages and bullet hell(danmaku) dungeons.

▶ Enter “Retro Shooting” on Google Play, the bullet hell shoot’em up(STG) collections of us!


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Latest updates

Fixed some errors


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Astrowings Blitz screenshot

Astrowings Blitz screenshot 00Astrowings Blitz screenshot 01Astrowings Blitz screenshot 02Astrowings Blitz screenshot 03Astrowings Blitz screenshot 04Astrowings Blitz screenshot 05Astrowings Blitz screenshot 06Astrowings Blitz screenshot 07Astrowings Blitz screenshot 08Astrowings Blitz screenshot 09Astrowings Blitz screenshot 10Astrowings Blitz screenshot 11Astrowings Blitz screenshot 12Astrowings Blitz screenshot 13Astrowings Blitz screenshot 14Astrowings Blitz screenshot 15Astrowings Blitz screenshot 16Astrowings Blitz screenshot 17Astrowings Blitz screenshot 18Astrowings Blitz screenshot 19Astrowings Blitz screenshot 20Astrowings Blitz screenshot 21Astrowings Blitz screenshot 22Astrowings Blitz screenshot 23

Astrowings Blitz apk video

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