Download uCraft Free 3.8.5

uCraft Free latest downloaduCraft Free latest download

uCraft is a 2D block building game where you can build anything you want.. uCraft Free is a free Casual game with more than 10,000,000 download times. This game is offered by Method Mobile Studios. You can download uCraft Free apk file to your sd card, then browse and install it later. Last updated: December 2, 2016. Current version: 3.8.5.

uCraft Free

uCraft is a 2D block building game where you can build anything you want. Explore, dig, farm, survive and just have fun. We are continually adding new new features and functionalities. Join the uCraft community and help mold what could be an awesome survival game.

Now Survival Alpha !!!!


– Frequent Updates.

– Dynamic weather

– Multi-Layer tile engine.

– Spawn Blocks, Build Stuff, Your only limits are your device and mind.

– Explode mobs with TNT.

– Create chain reactions with TNT and redstone torches.

– Grow trees from saplings.

Version 3.8.4

Spiders will not attack during the day now.
You can now open doors with your hand.
Removed physics from player projectiles.
Fixed bug where fire would only burn background blocks.
Fixed bug where crafted tools would not take damage. This happened when the action bar was full and the crafted tool was pushed to player inventory.
Fixed bug where skeleton arrows would not collide with closed doors.
Fixed bug when selecting the Onigiris Texture pack by icon. This would cause the UI to disappear.
Fixed bug when destroying a spruce tree. Trees leaves would drop leaves not saplings.
Fixed player and mobs colliding with crops.
Fixed ad placement bug – free version.
Increased world scroll speed for when player is hidden.
Increased the length of days and nights again.
Added reach boundaries to survival mode.
Added new keyboard for entering world names.
Added sand and gravel to new hills worlds.
Particles now are shown when a block is destroyed not just during digging.
New Controls. Use the directional buttons to run.
Joystick will move a highlighted block around the player. Use the A and B buttons to destroy or place.
You can also walk by dragging the joystick to its perimeter.
A = action/destroy button. B = place/interaction button. C = jump button.

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Latest updates

Version 3.8.5

Fixed bug where bow would shoot regardless of which button was pressed.

Fixed bug where changing accent color would cause a crash.

The highlight block now changes color to the color of your accent color.

The Highlight blocks transparency is now controlled by Accent Transparency in the Menu.

Note: if you don’t see you highlight block. Make sure the transparency is set in the Menu.

Version 3.8.4

To much to list here. Check the description for a full list.


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uCraft Free screenshot

uCraft Free screenshot 00uCraft Free screenshot 01uCraft Free screenshot 02uCraft Free screenshot 03uCraft Free screenshot 04uCraft Free screenshot 05uCraft Free screenshot 06uCraft Free screenshot 07uCraft Free screenshot 08uCraft Free screenshot 09uCraft Free screenshot 10uCraft Free screenshot 11uCraft Free screenshot 12uCraft Free screenshot 13uCraft Free screenshot 14uCraft Free screenshot 15uCraft Free screenshot 16uCraft Free screenshot 17uCraft Free screenshot 18uCraft Free screenshot 19uCraft Free screenshot 20uCraft Free screenshot 21uCraft Free screenshot 22uCraft Free screenshot 23

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