Harvest Land game

download Harvest Land for free
download Harvest Land for free
Lovely farming game with a bit of magic to play for free!. Harvest Land is a free Casual game with more than 5,000,000 download times. This game is offered by MysteryTag. You can download Harvest Land apk file to your sd card, then browse and install it later. Last updated: December 2, 2016. Current version: 1.4.0.

Welcome to HarvestLand, the charming farm!
Set up a new village, build numerous awesome houses, discover the hidden mysteries and beautiful islands, tame cute animals and fight with monsters, trade with your friends and lead your crew to prosperity.

Grow the best farm ever and challenge your friends!

Key Features
• Cultivate wheat, grapes and other crops
• Raise chickens, pigs, sheep and cows
• Construct sawmills, hen houses, hog farms, mines and more
• Keep expanding and uncover the endless secrets of the lost island
• Trade with your friends online
• Battle with island monsters
• Gamble for winning additional resources like diamonds, stones, wood

Latest updates

Optimized loading time.

Some minor bugs fixed,

Friend issues fixed for OK connected users.


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Harvest Land screenshot

Harvest Land screenshot 00Harvest Land screenshot 01Harvest Land screenshot 02Harvest Land screenshot 03Harvest Land screenshot 04Harvest Land screenshot 05Harvest Land screenshot 06Harvest Land screenshot 07Harvest Land screenshot 08Harvest Land screenshot 09Harvest Land screenshot 10Harvest Land screenshot 11Harvest Land screenshot 12Harvest Land screenshot 13Harvest Land screenshot 14Harvest Land screenshot 15Harvest Land screenshot 16Harvest Land screenshot 17

Harvest Land apk video


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