Mobile فوتوشوب تصميم الصور

فوتوشوب تصميم الصور free
فوتوشوب تصميم الصور free
Be a professional designer to apply Photoshop image design. فوتوشوب تصميم الصور is offered by APPSNICE2, and is listed in Photography category. You can download فوتوشوب تصميم الصور apk file to your sd card, then browse and install it later. Last updated: December 2, 2016. Current version: 1.13.

Photoshop editing images

As PhotoShop fantastic application designed for mobile and through which you can smoothly and easily improve your image in order to look like a professional.
It helps to add:
Photoshop images is the best application of images in the store
Add text to an image and writing on image
Add the tire of the image
Add whitening image
Add filters wonderful image
Add stickers on the picture
Change the contrast and brightness of the image
And many other great features
Photoshop images Sagnek from other photo editing software
Photoshop images Matanajh contains all of the tools for editing images


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فوتوشوب تصميم الصور screenshot

فوتوشوب تصميم الصور screenshot 00فوتوشوب تصميم الصور screenshot 01فوتوشوب تصميم الصور screenshot 02فوتوشوب تصميم الصور screenshot 03فوتوشوب تصميم الصور screenshot 04فوتوشوب تصميم الصور screenshot 05

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