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Enjoy Starbucks more convenient and smart cards to registered Starbucks.. 스타벅스 is a Entertainment app developed by (주)스타벅스커피 코리아. The latest version of 스타벅스 is 16.0.0. It was released on December 2, 2016. Overall rating of 스타벅스 is 3.3.

Ltd. Starbucks Coffee Korea’s official application.

Registration and filling the Starbucks card can pay through a barcode, can order a variety of menus and beverages, food and coffee beans through the siren orders, a smart service to the hole cake gift / reservation.

– Siren Order Order menu: Check the various products Beverages, food and beans, such as menus and available in real-time order volume stores, where you can order smart features

– Siren Order hall cake gift / reservations: the ability to book the smart siren hole on the cake orders, and easy gift

– Rewards: My Starbucks Rewards ability to query the level of inquiries and stars to earn / use

– E-Coupon: Use Function to search for available offers and last coupons, etc.

– Card: the ability to register and manage your Starbucks card payments directly to a barcode

– E-Gift: functionality by purchasing a Starbucks gift card to phone and e-mail MMS

– My Favorites: your favorite menu with the ability to order a Starbucks representative card

– E-Receipt / History: to make a payment to the registered Starbucks card details or Sirens order by e-receipts function

– Inbox: Starbucks news and features that can receive personalized information

– Store: Find feature to search for nearby stores and shops

– E-Frequency: ability to view e- frequency bar code issuance and e- sticker earn status depending on the season

* Wi-Fi available, but all the data in a network environment, you may experience data rates, if not an unlimited plan.

* Please update your version when you register, your ongoing updates to the stable use of the application.

* Android (ICS 4.0) can be used in later versions.

* If such a iteusil discomfort and improve upon your application uses, you can not get back to you if leave a comment on the reviews, please send information to us, and Twitter accounts.

(Weekdays 9:00 – 17:00, except operating on weekends and public holidays)>

What’s new

“이제 사이렌 오더에서 홀케익을 예약하고, 스마트한 선물 기능과 무료 음료의 혜택도 받아보세요!”

– 사이렌 오더 ‘홀케익 예약/선물’ 서비스 런칭

– 전자 영수증 기능 추가

– e-골드카드 (골드카드 온라인 선 발급) 기능 제공

– 신규 이벤트 배너 영역 및 히스토리 필터링 기능 탑재 등 기타 편의 개선 및 안정화


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스타벅스 screenshot

스타벅스 screenshot 00스타벅스 screenshot 01스타벅스 screenshot 02스타벅스 screenshot 03스타벅스 screenshot 04스타벅스 screenshot 05스타벅스 screenshot 06스타벅스 screenshot 07

스타벅스 apk video


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