NOAA Weather Unofficial

NOAA Weather Unofficial 2017 downloadNOAA Weather Unofficial 2017 download

NOAA forecast & radar for your exact location.. NOAA Weather Unofficial is a free Weather app with more than 5,000,000 download times. This app is offered by Granite Apps. You can download NOAA Weather Unofficial apk file to your sd card, then browse and install it later. Last updated: December 3, 2016. Current version: .

This weather app is not affiliated with NOAA or the National Weather Service. Products provided by NOAA are in the public domain, and this app’s use of those products is compliant with NOAA/NWS terms of use.

This app provides forecasts, animated radar, hourly forecast, and current conditions, all in an intuitive and easy to use interface. Just the information you need, provided accurately, quickly, and for your exact location.

★ “A no-nonsense approach to show weather data on your phone, but done well and great looking” – Android Central

This app uses NOAA point forecasts from your GPS location to get the most localized weather available. Point forecasts are great for climbing, hiking, skiing, or any outdoor activity where weather from a nearby city isn’t accurate enough.

GPS on the phone will provide the most accurate location, but usually isn’t needed. Nearby cell towers and Wi-Fi networks can also provide this information, and will be checked first to save time and battery. You can also enter a location manually.

To provided highly localized forecasting, this app uses point forecasts from the National Weather Service (NOAA/NWS), and is therefore only available in the US.

If there is severe weather you will see a red warning icon in the corner of the current conditions icon. You can press this icon for more details. This app currently does NOT support severe weather alerts or notifications. NOAA is providing this service directly through cell carriers. You can read more about the service at

There are also several differently sized widgets available which can be placed on your homescreen to provide some basic weather information, without the need to open the app.

Forecast discussion is available through the menu button.

Permission: Location
This app requires your location to provide you with the most accurate weather. This is fundamental to how the app works. You can still add manual locations as well if you prefer.

Permission: Photos/Media/Files
This permission is required by Google Maps so that it can cache map tiles for faster loading. It sounds like the app is doing something with your photos or media, but it is not. The permission means that the app has permission to access your files (which includes photos and media), but does not mean they are actually being accessed. It is a subtle but important distinction. Contact me if you have further questions about this.

These are the non-simplified permissions as listed in the Android manifest:
android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION” (location access listed above)
android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE” (check for network connection)
android.permission.INTERNET” (download weather)
android.permission.VIBRATE” (for zoom feedback on old radar)
android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE” (this is Photos/Media/Files listed above)” (required by google maps)

FAQ (Frequently asked questions):

Please contact me at if you have any further questions or problems.

This is the ad supported free version of NOAA Weather. You are also limited to 3 saved locations. Upgrade to remove ads and this restriction.

NOAA Weather on Facebook


Beta Channel (for newest features)

Latest updates


* Fixes for many of the “Update Errors” caused by changes in newer Android versions.

* Please email me if you have any problems/questions/comments.


* 3 dots on top right for all users to access settings, tab options, etc.


* New google maps based radar (beta feature). Enable the new radar in the settings to try it out.


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NOAA Weather Unofficial screenshot

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NOAA Weather Unofficial apk video


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