TheDayBefore (D-Day widget) for android free

latest version of TheDayBefore (D-Day widget)

latest version of TheDayBefore (D-Day widget)

Always remember your special day!. TheDayBefore (D-Day widget) is a free Lifestyle app with more than 10,000,000 download times. This app is offered by iBill Studio. You can download TheDayBefore (D-Day widget) apk file to your sd card, then browse and install it later. Last updated: December 3, 2016. Current version: v2.7.4.

The D-Day widget shows you the D-Day (i.e., how many days are left until the registered event/anniversary) or the number of days passed since the event/anniversary.

Let the widget automatically calculate the D-Day or the number of days since your special occasion, so that you can celebrate and never miss out on any special day!

[How Calculation Works]
D-Day: does not count the D-Day, so it starts from zero (D-Day, D+1…)
Day Count: includes the D-Day, so it starts from one (1 day, 2 days…)
Monthly: for monthly events/anniversaries
Annually: for annual event/anniversaries

– Multiple D-Day widgets can be displayed on the home screen
– Size Options: Two options (1×1 and 2×1) available.
– Four ways of calculating days (D-Day/Day Count/Monthly/Annually)
– Calculate anniversary (100th day, 200th day…) automatically
– D-Day notifications
– Various backgrounds and text colors
– Text-shadow effect (upper or lower parts of text)

– Buzz Launcher

* Note
– The app may not operate if saved on an SD Card. (Do not use apps2sd.)

Recent changes


– Two new status bar icons added

– Screenshot saving/sharing function (upper right-hand menu on the D-Day detail screen)


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TheDayBefore (D-Day widget) screenshot

TheDayBefore (D-Day widget) screenshot 00TheDayBefore (D-Day widget) screenshot 01TheDayBefore (D-Day widget) screenshot 02TheDayBefore (D-Day widget) screenshot 03TheDayBefore (D-Day widget) screenshot 04TheDayBefore (D-Day widget) screenshot 05TheDayBefore (D-Day widget) screenshot 06TheDayBefore (D-Day widget) screenshot 07

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