Download 똑닥 – 전국민 병원찾기 앱 for android

똑닥 - 전국민 병원찾기 앱 pc

똑닥 – 전국민 병원찾기 앱 pc

Gentlemen, it's easy to find is the wood hospital.Hospital, looking straight at ttokdak at a time to just reserve / consultation!. 똑닥 – 전국민 병원찾기 앱 is a free Health & Fitness app with more than 5,000,000 download times. This app is offered by (주)비브로스. You can download 똑닥 – 전국민 병원찾기 앱 apk file to your sd card, then browse and install it later. Last updated: December 4, 2016. Current version: 3.2.0.

Hospital ★ ★ Go ttokdak ago
▶ Fit Find a Hospital
⇒ Regional Hospital among the nation’s 60 004 thousand, disease-specific, or find a hospital that is right for each symptom
⇒ to compare the hospital with vibrant reviews and ratings of hospital visitors
▶ Smart Consulting / Reservation
⇒ immediately contact the hospital to phone buttons
⇒ Receiving Hospital representative will contact you within 24 hours to consult with buttons

▶ gilchi too easy to find Hospitals
⇒ can check the map of hospitals nationwide
⇒ hospital visits that are difficult to find even with detailed directions feature gilchi
▶ ttokdak benefit event gathered View
⇒ Hospital Why only ttokdak View
⇒ Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Clinic, Dental, ENT disease-specific benefits and view events
⇒ currently in progress by region View Hospital Benefit Event
▶ View custom health content
⇒ specialist inspect the prevention and treatment of various diseases Info
⇒ Symptom-to-view information you need health
⇒ Childbirth, view information for the mother, such as pregnancy, child care
▶ Show only gather information of interest
⇒ I jjimhan hospitals gathered View
⇒ My favorite view content together
▶ Site and SNS
⇒ Homepage:
⇒ Medical Information ttokdak:
⇒ ttokdak event:
⇒ partnerships and other inquiries:

Latest updates


1. 병원 예약서비스 오픈

-모바일로 병원 예약서비스 기능 추가

*똑닥 예약서비스 상세

①모바일 병원 예약 가능

②원하는 의사, 날짜, 시간에 병원 예약

③예약 시간에 맞춘 알람 기능

④예약 변경 및 취소 가능

(현재 예약서비스는 일부 병원에서만 운영되고 있으며 점차 예약 가능 병원 수를 늘려나갈 예정입니다.)

2. 버그 수정 및 최적화 작업으로 안정성 개선


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똑닥 – 전국민 병원찾기 앱 screenshot

똑닥 - 전국민 병원찾기 앱 screenshot 00똑닥 - 전국민 병원찾기 앱 screenshot 01똑닥 - 전국민 병원찾기 앱 screenshot 02똑닥 - 전국민 병원찾기 앱 screenshot 03똑닥 - 전국민 병원찾기 앱 screenshot 04

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