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피망 섯다 free download for pc피망 섯다 free download for pc

Ttarajaeng go! Real appeared!Let's play Ding thrilled to hold more realistic Nago?. 피망 섯다 is a Card game developed by NEOWIZ GAMES Corporation. The latest version of 피망 섯다 is 17.2. It was released on December 4, 2016. Overall rating of 피망 섯다 is 4.3.

The real essence of the hands! Wang end plate of bets and guts!
This goes hand jakkuman, that addiction fun!
Enjoy the newly renovated bell peppers seotda full of tension in the betting 🙂

   ★ bell seotda × 100 times enjoy ★
1. Seotda universe’s first open-world first jackpot systems blitz!
   The huge jackpot goes off every night! 10 billion chance opportunities, Enjoy each day –
2. No ~ dudukhi Money worries are pouring money games
   Even if only it accumulates daily as new quests and game events purse !!
   Money and beaten, including one that uses beads fit with bell peppers New!
3. Single games are boring enough!
   The actual user and to enjoy real-time war game!
   All channels that can be charged to a friend with a friend in a direct confrontation bell seotda Okay!
4. Beginners are even worried detcheu Nono ~!
   Iteunikka be proud as ssook – coming at a glance and enjoy genealogy navigation makes everything okay guts!
■ Notifications
1. This game is not available for children under 18 can not be used as a youth level.
2. The game can be used as a bell account, using “mobile bell peppers New beaten” with game money, marbles at the same time.
3. The temporary account (account number consisting USER) and can not be recovered when the game Error / factory reset / change devices when using dating.
4. Game inquiries game Settings> Customer> 1:01 contact – thank you.
5. If a download failure of Google ‘seotda bell’ app from the Play Store experience, please follow the guidelines below.
   1) go to ‘Settings’ application for mobile phones, select ‘Applications Manager’.
   2) Select the ‘Applications Manager’ ‘Google Play Store’ in and press the Clear Cache.
   3) Kigoma off the ‘Google Play Store “app, it proceeds to download again.

* Note: You must enter the space without Google’s adult date of birth, gender, phone number when authentication is available normally.
■ Official Channel
 – Official website:
 – Mobile Web:
 – Official Facebook:

Anywhere that will make smart fun, Neowiz.
© NEOWIZ GAMES Corp. All rights reserved.
Game Rating classification:
The first bell seotda deliberations 09/04/2014 (Part No. CC-OM-140904-001)
5/20/2016 Commercialization Review (Part No. CC-OM-160519-010)

Latest updates

★대한민국 No.1 섯다 피망 섯다★

♣ v 17.2 – 시스템 안정성 개선

♣ v 17.1 – 시스템 안정성 개선

♣ v 17.0 – 시스템개선 (겨울 디자인 반영, 유저그룹개선)

♣ v 16.0 – 리뉴얼 (잭팟, 친구대전, 퀘스트 추가)

♣ v 15.1 – 게임 시스템 개선

♣ v 15.0 – 바로구매 상품 추가

♣ v 14.1 – 안정성 개선

♣ v 14.0 – 웹보드 규제 완화 반영

안내: 설치나 업데이트가 되지 않으시는 분들은 핸드폰을 재부팅하시거나,

상위 안드로이드 OS 버젼으로 업데이트 바랍니다


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피망 섯다 screenshot

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피망 섯다 apk video


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