Download latest version 아임쇼핑 – 국민의 공영홈쇼핑

new version 아임쇼핑 – 국민의 공영홈쇼핑new version 아임쇼핑 – 국민의 공영홈쇼핑

Domestic enrichment aquatic product innovation and creativity at a glance, all at once! People shopping in public, it's shopping. 아임쇼핑 – 국민의 공영홈쇼핑 is a Shopping app developed by 공영홈쇼핑. The latest version of 아임쇼핑 – 국민의 공영홈쇼핑 is 1.1.5. It was released on December 6, 2016. Overall rating of 아임쇼핑 – 국민의 공영홈쇼핑 is 3.3.

I’m shopping mobile apps to introduce the main features.
■ I’m deals
   – Meet the selected items I’m only as good shopping prices.
   – I recommend the excellent daily specials surprise.
■ TV home shopping Live View
   – The TV shopping can be found at any time on your mobile.
   – Quickly and conveniently Explore the TV home shopping product.
   – You can easily find the broadcast alerts I’m shopping.
■ jeonmungwan
   – It’s a domestic staples to concentrate Fisheries jeonmungwan.
   – To raise product ideas to attract attention to SMEs / Creative Innovation Pavilion.
■ Easy service
   – My page you can view order history, coupons, etc. at one time.
   – Reviews: Reviews sseusimyeon will be shipped after the completion of the reserve.
   – Easy payment: provides a simple billing features to facilitate mobile payments.

Today, we will always strive for a good mobile shopping.
People shopping in public, it’s shopping

Thank you.

What’s new

Ver 1.1.5 개선사항

– 어플리케이션 보안개선

– 구버전 자동로그인기능 제거(업데이트시 이용가능)

– 루팅여부 체크 외


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아임쇼핑 – 국민의 공영홈쇼핑 screenshot

아임쇼핑 – 국민의 공영홈쇼핑 screenshot 00아임쇼핑 – 국민의 공영홈쇼핑 screenshot 01아임쇼핑 – 국민의 공영홈쇼핑 screenshot 02아임쇼핑 – 국민의 공영홈쇼핑 screenshot 03아임쇼핑 – 국민의 공영홈쇼핑 screenshot 04

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