Wordox The Word Snatcher free download for pc

Wordox The Word Snatcher apk file
Wordox The Word Snatcher apk file
Voted best word game of the year! More than 10 million players!. Wordox The Word Snatcher is a free Word game with more than 5,000,000 download times. This game is offered by IsCool Entertainment. You can download Wordox The Word Snatcher apk file to your sd card, then browse and install it later. Last updated: December 6, 2016. Current version: .

Players in the best word game are waiting for you!

Create words, steal letters… it’s anyone’s game in this battle of words!
Awarded the best word game!
More than 3 MILLION players!

“Wordox is one of the best word games on mobile. We can play many games at once: while a player is constructing a word in one game, you can make your word in the other ;)” Tony-ok

“A very well made game! I love it, I’ve become addicted: whenever I have a free moment, I continue my games! Moreover, we are not obliged to connect to Facebook, which really suits me!” Pitchouneg

“Fun, addictive, easy” Papercraft

Win by playing cunning, short and simple words. Surprise your opponent by stealing their letters for your words and make your moves impenetrable!

Forget the cupboard of dusty and difficult board games: Wordox is the only word game you’ll ever need!

Enhance your gaming experience with these features!
• No Ads: Play ad-free

• A colorful word game, both strategic and fun, that allows you to steal letters from your opponents
• Play in turns and at your own pace against your friends or players from around the world
• Challenge random players or play with your friends (via Facebook, their user ID or by playing face to face with them on your mobile device)
• Use Jokers to avoid losing your turn
* Talk to your opponent using the in-game chat!
• Stats: Access your statistics to easily track your progress in the game
• Scores: Compare your performance with all your friends
• 6 dictionaries (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese)

Recent changes

– Play against the computer: play against an AI at your level – it answers immediately!

– The end of game screen has been made clearer! Now you can finally learn if your opponent didn’t play within the time limit, and the cross has been replaced by ‘play again’ and ‘home’ buttons that are easier to see.

– Next game: the button that takes you to the next game is still there, but with this update it will take you to the oldest game on the “”Your turn to play”” list.


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Wordox The Word Snatcher screenshot

Wordox The Word Snatcher screenshot 00Wordox The Word Snatcher screenshot 01Wordox The Word Snatcher screenshot 02Wordox The Word Snatcher screenshot 03Wordox The Word Snatcher screenshot 04Wordox The Word Snatcher screenshot 05Wordox The Word Snatcher screenshot 06Wordox The Word Snatcher screenshot 07Wordox The Word Snatcher screenshot 08Wordox The Word Snatcher screenshot 09Wordox The Word Snatcher screenshot 10Wordox The Word Snatcher screenshot 11Wordox The Word Snatcher screenshot 12Wordox The Word Snatcher screenshot 13Wordox The Word Snatcher screenshot 14

Wordox The Word Snatcher apk video


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