Flappy Crush latest version free download

Flappy Crush free download for android

Flappy Crush free download for android

Get your revenge and crush the tiny birds with the pipes! ***Evil Laugh***. Flappy Crush is a Casual game developed by Tarek Mongy. The latest version of Flappy Crush is Updating…. It was released on December 7, 2016. Overall rating of Flappy Crush is 4.4.

Tired of flying all these different birds and animals between the green pipes? Get your revenge and crush them with the pipes instead! *Evil Laugh*

The game is simple. Tap the screen to close the pipes and crush any of those pesky birds trying to pass through! If a single floppy one manages to get past the pipes, then all of them will fly away to freedom and you lose the game.

Earn Bone Bucks every turn you play, and spend them in the Shop to unlock different pipes and power-ups! Get the highest score and climb the Google Play Leaderboards while unlocking 3 different Game Modes!

Two Player Mode allows you to play against a friend on the same device!

No Wifi or Internet connection needed to play!

Whether you’re bored or want to kill time, you can crush every bird and get some much needed stress relief in this simple, endless, addictive and straight up fun game!

WARNING: Not for the faint hearted! Lots of pixel gore and blood inside! (With an option to switch off the blood to make it less gory ☺)

Recent changes

– Crushed some bugs!

Thanks to everyone who’s downloaded and played Flappy Crush! Leave me your suggestions and feedback in your reviews on the Play Store! Happy Crushing!


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Flappy Crush screenshot

Flappy Crush screenshot 00Flappy Crush screenshot 01Flappy Crush screenshot 02Flappy Crush screenshot 03Flappy Crush screenshot 04Flappy Crush screenshot 05Flappy Crush screenshot 06Flappy Crush screenshot 07Flappy Crush screenshot 08Flappy Crush screenshot 09Flappy Crush screenshot 10Flappy Crush screenshot 11Flappy Crush screenshot 12Flappy Crush screenshot 13Flappy Crush screenshot 14Flappy Crush screenshot 15Flappy Crush screenshot 16Flappy Crush screenshot 17Flappy Crush screenshot 18Flappy Crush screenshot 19Flappy Crush screenshot 20Flappy Crush screenshot 21Flappy Crush screenshot 22Flappy Crush screenshot 23

Flappy Crush apk video


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